When Aðalbjörg Þorsteinsdóttir (Alla for short), needed to heal her family’s skin, muscle, and joint ailments, she always turned to nature for an answer. She had a huge respect for nature, and she believed in sourcing natural remedies for our ailments.

For years, she researched and tested the power of flowers and herbs to create salves to soothe different conditions. At first, she gave the salves to family and friends for them to use and enjoy. When the demand for her products grew, she decided to establish the Villimey brand and sell to the public.

Alla is very meticulous about the manufacturing process of her products, and she personally oversees the growing of herbs used for Villimey. They are all grown on a plot of certified organic land in the West Fjords. This means that she has to regularly move from one plot to another to give the soil and herbs time to rest. When Villimey’s products are made, every jar has its own traceable number to account for every herb, the date it was picked, and the area from where each herb originates.

Alla’s planting area has the lowest level of air pollution in Iceland. With the pure, untainted environment of the West Fjords of Iceland, and the lean water and unpolluted air, she is able to make the highest quality products from the best natural raw materials.