Telma Magnúsdóttir, jewellery designer is a free-spirited country girl who was born and raised on a farm in Northern Iceland. While she’s now based in urban Reykjavik, she still frequently visits the farm with her children to work on her art and spend some time in nature as nature invigorates and stimulates her in a way nothing else can.

Always drawn to the versatility and beauty of nature, Telma was particularly intrigued by the birds and their nests of eggs around the farm. Her son calls her an egg expert, true enough, Telma has become quite the expert and has been so for the last seven years. She knows her eggs and has mastered their different colors, shapes, patterns and sizes.

The jewellery that Telma makes for Varpið is her ode to Icelandic birds and nature. She has masterfully managed to mimic the egg patterns of different breeds of birds using various techniques and colors with hand-painted details that vary on each piece.

Telma says an egg can mean so many different things to different people at different times. For instance, the egg can be the beginning of something new; a groom cherishes his new wife or a fresh graduate begins a new chapter in their life.