Saga Kakala’s role model

Mrs. Vigdís Finnbogadottir, Iceland’s and the World’s first woman to be elected head of state, is the ideal role model of Ingibjorg Greta, the founder of Saga Kakala. “Vigdis is a woman I have respected and looked up to in admiration ever since she, initially against all odds, got elected president of Iceland in 1980. Vigdi­s, who is hugely respected by the people of Iceland, served as president for 4 terms, 16 years in total”, says Ingibjorg Greta of Vigdi­s, who still remains the longest-serving, elected female head of state of any country in the world.

In October last year (2015), Ingibjorg Greta invited Vigdi­s, along with a selected group of women, to meet up for her special “Role model project”. The women were photographed for Man magazine by Bjarney Ludviksdottir, wearing Saga Kakala scarves and in an interview for the magazine, Ingibjorg Greta talked about her selected role models and what it is about each of them that has inspired her. “The idea was to give something back to these strong, inspirational women who have, each in their own way, inspired me and encouraged me throughout my life to turn my dreams into reality, making me believe that you can do just about anything you set your mind to do. I wanted to thank them for being such a huge personal influence for me, something I’m deeply grateful for. Vigdi­s was extremely respectful of my project and came to the set and got photographed with the group”.

The  photograph shows Ingibjorg Geta talking to Vigdi­s and her friend, the artist and former branch manager, Hanna Palsdottir. Hanna took a leave of absence from work to work as the campaign manager for Vigdi­s back in 1980 to make sure Vigdi­s got elected as the first woman president of Iceland.

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