Polar bear soap

Injecting conscious awareness into his art, Gísli Hilmarsson lovingly creates artisan polar bear soaps.

He feels strongly about how we, as a society, should take care of our environment. He believes that art and design should be a tool to inspire this belief in others, and he sees his “hands on” work as an extension of his world view.

Gísli absolutely loves the design process, loves to test, make mistakes, test again, and succeed. Not being afraid of mistakes in the creative process he says is very liberating and gives him energy to take on next challenge. This creative dynamism is the exact process he used to create the polar bear soaps, which are now growing in popularity.

He enjoys product design very much and when he is able to use his hands in the creative process, he is at home. For Gísli, design can be used to tell stories and for him the possibilities are endless as he is just beginning.