Linda Jóhannsdóttir’s favorite childhood memory is one of birds, and she fondly recalls how she and her grandfather once found a bird’s nest closet to their summer house with some small, hungry birds abandoned in the nest. For the rest of the summer, they tended to the foundlings, feeding them and nursing them back to health. Since then, Linda had developed a fascination for birds, a fascination that later manifested in her art.

Linda graduated from the Iceland Academy of Arts in fashion design, but her focus was an illustration. Aside from forays into fashion, it came quite natural for her to express herself through drawing, too the first of which was connected with birds.

She says she finds birds’ beaks extremely fascinating. Their shapes and colors are so unique, that most of her illustrated birds collections concentrate on the beaks. Using her unique design approach, she began to create a piece of art which included a beak that was delicately crafted inside breakable egg-shaped plaster.

Linda loves to draw, she loves colors, and loves what colors can do for us. For her, colors are like a good music, it can change one’s mood and make an impact on one’s feelings. She points out that we live in a society that requires everything to have its own place and purpose.

For her art, Linda claims it’s pretty simple: “They have no function other that to please and provoke curiosity. The main idea is that each piece is enjoyable.”