We are an Icelandic company

based in Reykjavik, Iceland

Saga Kakala, silk scarves

We introduce Icelandic fashion, accessories, beauty and home products for our international fashion and design-minded customers.

Our products are all high quality products from established to fresh new brands and designers.

One of the treasured traditions in Icelandic culture is to invite friends over for a cup of coffee and a good conversation, catching up on each other’s latest news.

We intend to keep this tradition alive online, bringing you our friendly insights and updates on the latest trends, projects and designs from our brands and designers.


silk scarves, Saga Kakala

Saga Kakala, silk scarves

Each month we will curate a “Monthly discovery”, unveiling traditional Icelandic products with a fresh viewpoint, introducing new emerging concepts and individuals from across Iceland’s highly creative design community.