North Limited

Homeware brand North Limited pushes the boundaries of accessable, functional art.

The design ethos of North Limited focuses on clean and natural forms. They capture the ever-evolving Icelandic design tradition, while including subtle touches of classic Danish and Finnish art. The combination makes for a simple, tasteful and deliberate look. Another interesting element, is that most pieces have a multiple usability, function, encouraging curiosity and playfulness for the user.

The items are designed to be multifunctional, the the user interprets the products in their own way and introduces them seamlessly into their household.

All the designs by North Limited are inspired by Icelandic nature and society. You’ll see these influences in the angular edges, as well as beautiful irregular curves. The Icelandic nature is such a positive inspiration to them – no matter what the weather or the light.

North Limited designers are: Thorunn Hannesdottir (Faerid) and Sigridur Palsdottir (by Bibi).


You can find North Limited products here.