Margrét Guðnadóttir

Upon discovering basket weaving, Margret Guðnadóttir found freedom. Freedom to create the music that drives her artistry.

When Margrét found herself falling in love with basket-weaving while studying at the University of Central Connecticut, she also found herself fearful of bringing basket-weaving back to Iceland’s rigid climes. At the time there were no real basket-weaving traditions, no artists, and no community. When she moved back home, she began to teach basket-weaving to the locals and developed professional connections with artisans and enthusiasts.

Margrét learned about music box traditions that many countries share internationally. Curious, she started to research music boxes and to her surprise, she found not traditional Icelandic design. This immediately inspired her, and she knew this was going to be her next project. Needless to say her unique music boxes became an instant hit and have become an artistic symbol, with both locals and tourists rushing to buy her products.

The design of Margrét’s music box started as a basket around the box itself. It later evolved and ended up with a spiral looking basket weave rendered in various editions. The box marries Margrét’s passion and projects – all coming together in this uniquely art form.