Saga Kakala’s designer for Goddesses collection is Katrin Olina. Her latest work beside Goddesses is Primitiva Talismans system and jewelry collection. In a recent interview with Women in 3D printing she talks about how she got into 3D printing through philosophy…

…2D drawing and the ultimate desire to matrialize the subjective world and the existential ideas she was exploring.

She discuss how she got into 3D printing, how she studied and how she created the Primitiva Talisman system, which she divides the 40 different Talismans into 4 kingdoms and tribes.

You can read the interview here

Katrin Olina made Goddesses collection for Saga Kakala which will be out late August and she built her design on her last years research and various works during her years in Helsinki.

In the interview she says: “That is what technology should be used for, – to materialize dreams as well as to make our world more interesting and hopefully better”

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