Woodwork and textile artist Ingibjörg Ósk Þorvaldsdóttir has been teaching for over 30 years. But even as a seasoned craftswoman and mentor, she is proof that a true artist never stops relearning, discovering and creating.

Ingibjörg took a leave of absence to catch up on textile technique in the Reykjavik School of Visual Art. As luck would have it, she found that the class was full, so she tried a ceramic class instead. This would be the beginning of yet another chapter in her love story for the arts as she fell in love with ceramics, and with passion and dedication, she graduated as a ceramic designer in 2014.

Her latest collection UM (e.surrounding) was selected as one of the stylish must-sees during the last Design March (2017) and featured in Home Décor, Singapore with the words: “Woodwork and textile artist translates the desire for candlelight and soup on a dark winter day into the UM collection of clay candlesticks and bowls surrounded by a piece of removable plywood”.

Ingibjörg is grateful for the opportunity of being able to combine her education, experience, and handcraft in her work. She says her work energizes her as she enjoys researching and testing new designs. For her, each item is unique – a marriage of inspiration and practicality, history and vision.