Happy Talk

Hulda B. Ágústsdóttir has an undeniable enigmatic aura about her; she’s free-spirited, energetic, and charismatic. She lives and breathes curiosity, and seems to always find something that will inspire her.

Across all her works, Hulda says she is “all about the details.” She paints every piece by hand to ensure that the quality remains high as it matters to her that her customers know that her art is always high quality.

Hulda’s jewelry has always been bigger, bolder, and more colorful than traditional jewelry. She loves to experiment with non-precious materials but the final goal for her is to create big, colorful and bold pieces which enhance the personal glow of each individual.

She finds fodder and inspiration in her everyday living – be it enjoying her Icelandic hometown or exploring a new travel spots on her bucket list. While she is still an avid traveler – feeling mostly at ease when she has a plane ticket in her purse – experience has lent Hulda’s artistry the maturity it needs.