Design brand Scintilla creates eye-catching, high-quality home accessories where the emphasis is on progressive and experimental textures, colors and graphics. Although Scintilla’s aesthetics are irrevocably contemporary, the inspiration is a defining nod to the past, be it the elegant style of the Art Deco movement or the postmodern style of Ettore Sottsass’s Memphis Group of the Eighties. The extreme and extraordinary nature of Iceland constantly provides a strong influence for the collection. The motives and inspirations are never represented figuratively but translated into something more disciplined and processed.

Scintilla was founded in 2009 by fashion and textile designer Linda Bjorg Arnadottir when she decided to focus on a slower-paced lifestyle – creating art for interior design.  With an extensive and impressive background and a wealth of experience, Linda’s past work includes creating textiles for Martine Sitbon’s fashion house for over 12 years, designing costumes for Bjork and Sigur Ros and heading the fashion department of Iceland Academy of the Arts for 13 years.

Linda spent 4 years working on her concept before launching Scintilla. For Scintilla, she has created her own world of striking and avant-garde motifs and unique color palette which cleverly interweaves into a highly distinctive and experimental collection which includes bed linens, table linens, organic towels, wool throws and 100% natural scented candles. Scintilla has created bespoken line of textiles for hotels and collaborated with the Blue Lagoon on the Infused by Nature collection, which includes scented towels. Scintilla’s first fashion collection deputed at Reykjavi­k Fashion Festival in 2015.

The collection of quality textiles and home decor products are manufactured in Europe with an emphasis on durable and organic materials and you can find Scintilla products here.