Saga Kakala

Saga Kakala, silk scarves

Luxury silk and cashmere scarves.

Saga Kakala was created in 2013 by Icelandic actress and entrepreneur, Ingibjorg Greta Gi­sladottir. Together with various artists and designers, Ingibjorg Greta produces fashion accessories, particularly silk and cashmere scarves where colors and forms are applied to inspire and influence. Saga Kakala believes that fashion is a powerful vehicle for storytelling and expressing oneself. That’s why each Saga Kakala collection tells it’s own story. To date, Saga Kakala has presented 3 collections, each one designed by a different designer.

Saga Kakala’s first collection, Kachina, was designed by Helga Bjornsson, a Haute Couture Art Director formerly of the prestigious Louis Feraud fashion house in Paris. The Kachina collection draws its inspiration from the colorful Kachina dolls made by the Hopi Indians in Northern Arizona.

Saga Kakala’s second collection, Shizuka, was designed by karlssonwilker inc. The collection is a celebration to distortion in a visual story of contrasting elements. karlssonwilker is the New York-based design studio founded by Icelander Hjalti Karlsson and Jan Wilker from Germany. Their work ranges from print and identities to signage and sculptural installations.

Saga Kakala’s latest collection, Goddesses, is designed by Katrin Olina Petursdottir, a designer who works in a variety of media including illustration and product design. Katrin Olina is known for her rich visual language, built on research, experimentation and intuitive creative drawing process, which combines the use of technology with the hand drawn. Her work has materialized in the field of product design, fashion, interior, furniture, print and animation. Goddesses is a homage to the creative energy of mythological goddesses from different times and cultures.

Saga Kakala is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.