best heima

best heima is all about nature, and focuses on using natural local materials, such as Icelandic lambskin, Icelandic birch and larch grow in a forest in the East of Iceland. Their products are also handmade with the best craftsmanship available. But what really sets best heima apart from the rest, is the fact that they manage to make use of nearly 100% of the raw materials they choose.

Each leftover chip of wood or cut of Icelandic lamb skin is then redesigned to be used for another product. Because of this design ethos, there is hardly any wastage and each product becomes increasingly unique. The same approach is applied to other materials, too.

In fact, best heima is the best form of slow design, ensuring that items are locally-sourced, of high quality, and environmentally friendly. The products also make the consumer appreciate the versatility and uniqueness of Icelandic materials.

best heima is designed by Steinunn Jónsdóttir, interior and furniture designer

You can find all available best heima products here.