The best design to bring from Iceland-part 1

The Icelandic design scene is a highly creative and vibrant one where the source of inspiration comes from various points of interest, something you should keep in mind if you are interested in a unique Icelandic design.

With growing numbers of tourists flocking to Iceland, traditional souvenir shops have popped up all over downtown Reykjavi­k. Somewhat derogatorily described as simple “puffin stores” due to the extensive selection of puffins toys lining the shelves, these stores offer souvenirs that might be fun to bring home, that is if you are into nonspecific and traditional souvenirs to remind you of the great time you enjoyed during your stay in Iceland. However, if you are looking for is a true piece of Icelandic design you might need to look a bit further and ask around.

Mokka cushion cover, sheepskin, Further NorthIcelandic designers don’t necessarily get inspiration from the popular tourist monuments or attractions, such as the elusive Nordic lights that each year draw thousands of visitors to Iceland. The designer of Further North, Audur Gna, is a great example. She is passionate about having highly skilled Icelandic artisans working diligently with local materials of the highest quality, producing unique products for the home.

Beach towel by ScintillaThe Scandinavian design tradition visibly reflecting in Scintilla’s organic collection of home textiles and accessories is a beautiful example of how the extreme nature of Iceland translates into the brand´s progressive graphics and unique color palette.


Saga Kakala, silk scarf, karlssonwilkerThe study behind the Shizuka collection of Saga Kakala’s luxury silk scarves involves a parallel universe of shapes and asymmetric volumes, with a bold visual story of contrast in texture, shapes and colors.

IHANNA HOME, textile, cushionsThe IHANNA HOME collection works with movements, making each time you view the products different, giving you a new perspective every time.

The best design to bring home from your trip to Iceland is the one that not only suits your personal taste, but manages to inspire and compliment you in it’s own distinctive way.

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