Audur Gna at Further North

Audur Gna Ingvarsdottir, the designer behind the Further North label, says that what inspired her collection right from the beginning was a strong wish to team up with highly skilled local artisans to work with Icelandic sheepskin, turning them into contemporary and exciting home accessories.

The reason? About 90% of Icelandic sheepskins have until now been shipped abroad for further development, leaving very few opportunities for the artisans of Iceland to work with the skins, something that Audur Gna was eager to change.

Further North, pillows,She admits to be dependent on the skills of the local producers as they are the ones who know the delicacy and fine quality of the material better than anyone else. Her Further North’s sheepskins are tanned and colored in the north of Iceland, in a modern tanning factory located in the village of Saudarkrokur. For many decades the factory has been the main tanning facility in Iceland and is known internationally for the high quality of their work.

The factory takes advantages of Iceland´s natural geothermal heating, considered to be an efficient and environmentally friendly natural resource. The methods used at the tanning factory minimise the energy consumption required in the process when the energy consumption in tanning process is usually very high. In addition, all electricity used in the production comes from a hydro-electric power station.

The colors used are chosen not only for the latest trends in interior design but for the option of being as eco-friendly in production as possible.

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