12 Icelandic designers in a unique Pop-Up event

We are proud to present twelve ICELANDIC DESIGNERS IN a UNIQUE POP-UP EVENT and we start this fall in Williamsburg, New York at Artists & Fleas.

Jewelry designers, accessories designers, beauty and products designers together on the road, popping-up on various locations for a limited time only. Inspired Icelandic design, craftsmanship and creativity. By taking our designers on the road we are on a mission to premiere Iceland’s best designers in a Pop-Up event.

We want to inspire with unique, thought-provoking pieces of exceptional quality as well as colorful, joyful and artistic design. We offer accessories, beauty and home products, added value for our customers in beautiful Icelandic design.

Handmade, manufactured, sustainable, original, unique and creative products. We love to surprise and we are all about the experience.
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